Turn the Ship Around

This Essential category, Be Ready book tells the true story of the fast attack submarine USS Santa Fe that went from worst to first in the Pacific Fleet. Captain Marquet, USN (Ret) describes his experience as the new CO of the Santa Fe and the creative approach he used as they prepared for their scheduled deployment just six months after he took command. Marquet borrowed and adapted many of the tenets ascribed in Stephen R. Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” (A former CNO-PRP book) and applied them to the problems confronting the crew of the Santa Fe. Turn the Ship Around fills a legacy niche on the CNO-PRP for a business oriented leadership and management book. However, this book takes the value of such books one step further by translating the valuable lessons of seasoned business leaders, such as Covey, into a relatable story of a typical Navy command that is overcoming challenges and getting ready to go to sea. Among the many pearls of wisdom offered in this book is the important role of mentorship. Marquet gives full credit to his crew and to his own leaders and mentors who helped him succeed. ADM Thomas Fargo USN (Ret) writes “Read Turn the Ship Around! and you will learn how to build an enduring high performer, where people can’t wait to get to work.” The active duty CNO-PRP Advisory Board reviewers of this book have found valuable lessons that they intend to put into practice in their own commands. This is a book tailor made for the CNO-PRP.