Time Management From The Inside Out

The Morality of War – by Brian Orendby Julie Morgenstern

This is an updated, expanded version of the definitive guide to managing and freeing up that most precious of commodities—time. Applying her trademark from-the-inside-out approach, author Julie Morgenstern sets a new standard for the time-manage­ment ideal. Her system has helped countless readers uncover their mental/emotional stumbling blocks and strengths, and cultivate a time-management methodology that suits individual needs. By applying the prescribed three-step program—Analyze, Strategize, Attack—readers of Time Management From the Inside Out will find more room in life for work, family, self-improvement, or whatever is deemed most important. Time management is a learnable skill, and in this completely revised edition of her work, Morgenstern provides the ultimate tools to combine, delegate, and eliminate unnecessary tasks; put technology to work; and, above all, stop procrastinating, for once and for all. This revised edition includes a new chapter on get­ting started in the method, new “time maps” for people with irregular schedules, new four-, eight-, and 12-week program guides for improving time-management skills, and a fully updated resource guide.

Time management, important for anybody, is all the more important for those who serve in uniform, and this, the bible of time management, has the game plan that can get the reader’s career on track and keep it there.