The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader

This Essential category, Be Ready book by LT Jason Redman and co-author John Bruning tells the story of LT Jason Redman’s odyssey as a NAVY SEAL and wounded warrior. Redman’s story provides valuable lessons in leadership. His own experiences as an enlisted man who rose through the ranks and earned a commission are illuminated by his inspiring courage, dedication, and commitment throughout his career. Redman was severely wounded in a firefight in Iraq and earned national attention when he posted a sign on his hospital door at Bethesda warning all who entered to not feel sorry for his wounds. Redman echoes the ethos often expressed by great men such as former Vietnam POW Porter Halyburton by recognizing that “it’s your attitude that determines the outcome.” In his introduction to the book, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates writes, “There already are many books on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There will be more, including by those who experienced the fire of combat. This story, though, is not just about a SEAL on the Iraqi battlefield, but a SEAL at war with himself and his ultimate victory. I believe his story will inspire the reader, just as it did me.” Redman says that this is a book “about love, leadership and overcoming diversity.” These are lessons that all Navy warriors should take to heart as they forge their own character to be prepared for whatever adversity they may confront.