The Twilight War

This Essential category, Warfighting First book details the past 30 years of U.S. Military operations in the Persian Gulf region including the formation of the US Central Command and the FIFTH Fleet Naval Headquarters in Bahrain. David Crist writes, “Conspiracy theories abound in the Middle East in part because there frequently are so many conspiracies” (p.358). Every chapter of The Twilight War pulls back the curtain and sheds a revealing new light on many previously undisclosed and often underappreciated events that have shaped U.S. – Iranian relations. This masterfully researched historical account focuses on those relations since the fall of the Shah of Iran and the beginning of the Iranian Revolution. General Anthony Zinni USMC (Ret) says this about The Twilight War, “Crist is a rare historian whose education, military experience, superb writing style, and regional knowledge clearly make this book the definitive work on the subject.” The policy and strategy decisions of the past six U.S. Presidents, covert CIA operations, U.S. Navy operations, Iranian actions and reactions, and the struggle to create the present day U.S. Central Command are all detailed in The Twilight War.