Shield and Sword

Shield and Sword – by Edward Marolda

edited by Edward J. Marolda and Robert J. Schneller Jr.

More than a decade after the United States forged a diverse international coalition to drive Saddam Hussein’s invading forces out of Kuwait, the vital role seapower played in that mission has received far less recognition than the land and air campaigns. Yet U.S. Navy surface ships and submarines launched hundreds of cruise missile attacks against Iraqi targets throughout the war, and carriers in surrounding waters sent air strikes deep into the enemy’s territory. The battleships Missouri and Wisconsin bombarded hostile targets while U.S. Sailors fought naval actions beside U.S. Army and Royal Navy helicopter crews. SEAL missions, global sealift actions, mine countermeasures, and operations in support of the economic embargo all contributed to this complex joint war effort that became one of the most successful campaigns in American military history. This book details those naval operations and includes candid observations of leadership effectiveness, interservice relations, and methods of command and control.

As a study of modern joint and com­bined warfare, this work, originally produced by the Naval Historical Center, is unsur­passed. It captures the symphonic complex­ity of joint ops, and illustrates how successful they can be when the elements all dovetail accordingly. It is an especially valuable work for the Navy readership in that it looks at the combined-warfare scenario through a naval lens.