Leading With the Heart

This Be Ready category book provides entertaining and informative lessons on how to build a culture of success. Duke University basketball coach Mike “Coach-K” Krzyzewski’s story is a great example of living the American dream through hard work and dedication. He is the son of working class Polish immigrants, who earned a scholarship to the United States Military Academy at West Point where he first played and later coached basketball. In Leading With the Heart, Coach-K offers ample examples of how to build a winning team out of recruited players from all walks of life. His secrets to success are built on an ethos based on communications, trust, collective responsibility, caring and pride. The lessons offered in the book are valuable for any leader of any organization. The parallels to a military leader, such as team building, dealing with high turnover rate in an organization, and learning overcoming defeat are readily apparent. Coach-K has led the Duke Blue Devils to three national championships and ten final four appearances by telling his team that the goal is not necessarily to win every game, but rather it is to play the best possible game. As the title advertises, there is something for every reader, in every walk of life, to take away from this inspirational book.