SEAL of Honor

SEAL of Honor – by Gary Williamsby Gary Williams

This Essential category, Warfighting First book tells the compelling tale of the late Navy SEAL, LT Michael Murphy. A young man of great character, he is the subject of Naval Special Warfare courses on leadership. An Arleigh Burke – class guided missile destroyer, naval base, school, post office, ball park, and hospital emergency room have all been named in his honor. In his bestselling book Lone Survivor (formerly listed on the CNO Professional Reading Program), Marcus Luttrell, the only survivor of Operation Red Wing, called Michael “the best officer I ever knew, an iron-souled warrior of colossal, almost unbelievable courage in the face of the enemy.” SEAL of Honor tells the story of LT Michael Murphy’s life and how he came to be a man of selfless courage and honor. This book offers a sterling example of Navy core values lived out in his life, his service, and his sacrifice. It’s a gripping and often emotionally moving book, and honors all who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the war against terrorism.

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