On the Origins of War: And the Preservation of Peace

On the Origins of War: And the Preservation of Peace –  by Donald Kaganby Donald Kagan

War has been a fact of life for millennia on end. By following the common threads that connect the ancient clashes between Athens and Sparta and between Rome and Carthage with the the First and Second World Wars and the Cuban Missile Crisis, acclaimed historian Donald Kagan reveals fresh and illuminating insights into the nature of war —and of peace. His lucid accounts help alert the reader to the dangers of complacency and serve as a clarion call to preparedness in times of peace. Ranging across 2,500 years of history, this fascinating work shows how “peace does not keep itself.”

Part history, part philosophy, this is a book about which former Secretary of State George Schultz said: “By now it is clear that the so-called end of history really has meant the return of history, with a ven­geance. Recent events regrettably confirm that warfare is inherent to any system of world affairs yet imagined, so we better do all we can to prevent it. Professor Kagan’s impressive volume presents thoughts that are timely, intellectually deep, and just about indispensable.”