Execute Against Japan

Execute Against Japan – by LT Joel Holwitt, USNby LT Joel Holwitt, USN

This Essential category Operate Forward book was written by active duty Submarine Warfare Officer, LT Joel Holwitt. Less than five hours after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a telegram from the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations ordered, “Execute against Japan unrestricted air and submarine warfare.” Mere hours after the attack, the U.S. abandoned its longstanding adherence to freedom of the seas, under which commercial vessels were immune from attack. From that moment, the American war effort in the Pacific would target not only military assets but all Japanese shipping. This surprising shift in U.S. policy expanded the limits of warfare in the Pacific. Execute Against Japan offers a new understanding of U.S. military policy during World War II. This book offers valuable lessons on the interplay of law, diplomacy, politics, and military doctrine and strategy in the conduct of war.