CNO-PRP e-reading

A number of the titles in the reading program are available for free at the NKO portal or directly through a log-in from the Navy General Library Program.  Security restrictions preclude downloading via Navy-owned computers, so downloading them to personally-owned devices will be required.

NKO Download Procedures

1. Login to NKO on any internet enabled computer or mobile device. Go to www.nko.navy.mil. You will have to register as an NKO user the first time you visit the site.

2. The NKO screen may look a little different depending on how you access it.  The five tabs across the top, however, are always the same. Click “REFERENCE,” which will bring-up a list of e-library assets on the far left-hand side.

3. The “browse” menu on the left will help you find different subjects of interest or specific publication types. Click “E-Library – Audio & E-books” to find the downloadable books. You are now at the Navy General Library Program page. Click on the logo that says: “Download Audio-Books and eBooks/Overdrive”.

4. The professional reading lists can be browsed with the links on the left. Click on “Professional Reading Programs” to see all the available sea-service lists. Slide over and click on the “Navy Professional Reading List 3.0” for current CNO-PRP books.

5. Once you find the book you want, check to see which formats are available. It could be a Kindle Book, an Audio-book, or an Adobe E-pub book. To download an item, click the “add to cart” link next to the file type you want to check out and then follow the prompts. During the check-out procedure, you can use a drop-down menu to select the length of time you want to borrow the item, from 7 days to 30 days.  The Kindle books will be delivered to you through the Amazon.com delivery system. You need an Amazon account, but you will not be charged anything for the loaned book.  You will need to download the files using a wireless connection or a USB wire from your computer to your mobile device. At check-out, you will be prompted to download the Overdrive Media Console or the Adobe Digital Editions applications if necessary on your device.

6. An advantage of OverDrive is that after you create a down-loadable users account you don’t need to go through NKO!  You can go directly to http://navy.lib.overdrive.com.

7. Once you are an approved Overdrive Downloadable Content user, you can also link to the downloadable content directly from the CNO Professional Reading Program web-site at www.navyreading.navy.mil. You will find a link at the end of the book descriptions for all books which have either e-book or audio-book versions available on NKO.

8. The Navy General Library Program can be contacted at 202-433-9802.

- (Adapted from Navy General Library Program instructions).