Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare

This Warfighting First category book is the latest publication from one of the nation’s most forward-thinking intellectuals on advanced technology—Peter W. Singer. Admiral James Stavridis, US Navy (Ret), describes this book as, “the most approachable and readable book ever written on the cyber world. The authors have distilled the key facts and policy, provided sensible recommendations, and opened the debate generally to any informed citizen: a singular achievement. A must-read for practitioners and scholars alike.” Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare addresses the current risks and benefits of the ever-fluid cyber environment. Singer’s research provides a significant amount of space to the specific challenges the Department of Defense confronts in keeping pace with the latest technologies and methods for maintaining data security. Chapters include a detailed analysis of topics such as: Cyber Counterterrorism, Patriotic Hackers, and What a Cyber War might actually look like. In this emerging warfighting area where the tools and tactics are constantly changing, a quality and current book such as Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare will help keep the Navy’s cyber-warriors on the cutting edge.